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06 February 2010 @ 05:24 pm
So yeah ...
Even though I said that I'll keep this journal alive, I still let it collect too many dust, Sorry journal !
So, from now on begins my Lunar New Year days off, I hope for it to be a fun one ne ? xD
But I don't have anything to do (yet)
Really, Arashi is just getting involved in my life more and more ! Love them so much ! I've even begun to read GANTZ (even though I'm supposed not to) because of Nino, a kind of manga I wouldn't ever touch
But really, the mangas I'm reading now is just so good, they're, like, all in their exciting states at the same time ! Esp. Fairy Tail and Zettai Karen Children ! Love them ! So hilarious and cool <3
Guess it ends here ...

What if your love is a boy ? IS it really weird ................
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06 February 2010 @ 05:12 pm
ok so .... here's the rule :

Comment and I'll give you a letter, then you have to list ten things you love that begin with that letter, afterwards post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.

Mine is N
so I'l start

1. Ninomiya Kazunari
2. Ni no Arashi
3. Not doing anything
4. Niji - Nino's solo
5. Non-stop amount of money
6. Neccessary stuff
7. Neatness
8. New things
9. New Relationships
10. Nap

yeah letter N is hard, since there's not much that begins with N xD
13 December 2009 @ 08:25 pm
decided to post again .....
well still, it's a reborn post
so .... nothing to say at all
changed the theme to fit current interest (maybe forever)
ARASHI !! <3
well that's it
gotta post here more
to increase my English writing skill xD
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08 August 2008 @ 12:07 pm
friending meme

First meme of mine so I'd post it here in my journal , feel free to click. any 8027 's fans are welcome, or just 80 is ok. :D

Edit : Thanks peanuts ^^
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02 August 2008 @ 06:41 pm
Hmm this is the second post and I still got nothing to say XD
It's almost Ryohei-kun birthday anyway. There're like ..... two more weeks!
Oh, today I and my friends went to the mall *laughs* and we took some picture, hehe (I don't really like taking picture though)
It was a fun day , also the last day before I begin to change from Summer Mode into Study Mode *happy-go-lucky smile* WEll end here I guess XD.
btw, I'm really bored
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28 July 2008 @ 09:59 pm
Well this is my first actual journal post on LiveJournal XD
Well let's see what to talk .... Umm .... guess I'll just introduce first . Well , I'm a boy and I'm 15 years old now. Guess that's enough info, don't want too much personal info on net XD
Well , I'm a big fan of Katekyo Hitman Reborn and I'm so posessed by the series lately. I hope I could be friends with all of KHR 's fans.
Also, I really wanted to cosplay Yamamoto for once , but I'm like .... too short T_T Oh well , doesn't matter much :D
Well, I guess that' it for the 1st journal .
How many 'well' I typed in the first post anyway ? LOL
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02 July 2008 @ 12:54 pm
Here's chapter 1 of my fic . Please enjoy as if you were to die LOL

Disclaimer : I don’t own KHR



Chapter 1 : Accident

As Tsuna and the two entered the front door, they were greeted by a baby in a black suit and a top hat, with a charmeleon of some kind sitting on the side of the hat.



“You’re late Tsuna ” said the baby ,and he kicked Tsuna in the face made him fell over , to Yamamoto. He immediately caught Tsuna.



“Are you all right? Tsuna?” he asked, a little worried.



“No, I’m fine. Thanks.” Said Tsuna. Then he turned to Reborn and said. “Why must you always kick me on the face when I get home, Reborn!!!!” he said, angrily.


“Oh that’s fine then… Yo, kid” said Yamamoto as he greeted the baby , trying to act as normal as he could since he already noticed he was blushing when Tsuna fell into him .



“Good afternoon, Reborn-san.” said Gokudera, who was still looking at Tsuna.



“Ciaossu” said Reborn.He just ignored the two boys and turned to Tsuna “You forgot that today we got training, dame-Tsuna.”



“EEEEEE! But we have a lot of homework to do today, can we skip today training and focus on my homework, Reborn?”



“Fine if that’s related to your study, then I guess we can skip it today. The Vongola Boss must be well-educated or the Family won’t last long.” Reborn said.



“All right then, let’s go to my room and we’ll do the homework then. “said Tsuna trying to avoid the last sentence Reborn just said. He really didn’t want to be the Vongola Tenth Boss.



Inside Tsuna ‘s room , the three started putting out their papers and started doing the homework. It was pretty easy since Gokudera is a smart person,and they finished them in about 1 hour. Well, they might have finished them sooner if some incident didn’t accidentally happened.



And it was like this,when they were trying to do the homework ,suddenly Lambo and I-pin running in , created a chaos in Tsuna’s room.


“Gyahahahahaha, this is Lambo-san’s! Lambo-san won’t give it to anyone!!” Lambo said while jumping from place to place to escape I-pin.



“Lambo no good, give I-pin candy back!” I-pin shouted.



“Arrrgh, you two, stop chasing each other in here and go away , especially you ,idot cow!” said Gokudera, annyoyingly.



“Who’s gonna , you octopus-head!” Lambo making funny faces to Gokudera.



“Why you little ……” Gokudera started to put out his dynamite. But Bianchi walked in.



“Hey you kids, Mama has made some snacks in the kitchen ,so go down there .And Tsuna, I’ve made some cookies” She said while bring out some kind of purple cookies, which was emitting purple smokes.



“Ugh, Aneki …” Gokudera collapsed as soon as he took sight of his sister. It took him 30 minutes later when all the kids have gone down and so did Bianchi to regained consciousness.



And in that 30 minutes, what happened? Well, let’s just briefly say it was like this:


Tsuna , being so annoyed with all the kids and Bianchi ,have to tell them to go down with the help of Yamamoto.



When Bianchi and all the kids have gone downstair , he standing in front of his door with relief, putting his back against the door.


“Oh, it’s all OK now let’s continue shall we?” he looked at Yamamoto, who was surprised with the sudden look.


“Oh, uhh….. yeah, but Gokudera …..” He said pointing at an unconscious Gokudera with a nervous smile.



“Oh right, I forgot. Without Gokudera, we can’t really do much. Well, then let’s just wait until Gokudera wakes up.”said Tsuna while he sitting down



“Yeah, let’s” said Yamamoto. Then he also sat down back.



They kept silence until Reborn walked in.



“Oi, Tsuna. Get me a juice.” He said.



“What? Wasn’t you just downstair? Why don’t you pick it up before walking in here?” Tsuna protested.



“Lambo and I-pin is having a food fight in the kitchen, and it was so annoying so I went straight to your room. Now go get it.”He kicked Tsuna in the back and then sat down.



“Owww! Fine, fine I’ll get it, just don’t hit me! “Tsuna immediately went down, still rubbing his aching back.



With Tsuna out getting his juice , Reborn sat quietly, thinking of more things to torture Tsuna when he get back .Then, he saw Yamamoto,who was looking nervously waiting for Tsuna to get back , and an idea came up in his mind. Hiding his face in the shadow of the hat, he smirked. Thinking how fun it would be with his new plan.



“Tsuna will get a surprised when he gets back” thought Reborn with a smirked in his mind.



And so ,  when Tsuna just got back , he put his leg out and made him fall , he caught the juice and look out for Tsuna to see his plan working.



Tsuna, not noticing Reborn ‘s leg , was tripped and fall again , aiming right at Yamamoto .


Yamamoto, so surprised he didn’t get time to react, resulted in them both crashed onto the floor. And now, they were in an awkward situation with Tsuna on top of Yamamoto, their faces was so close it would take only a few inches for their lips to meet. And they really did, when Tsuna was getting up , Reborn has mysteriously kicked him again , so secret Tsuna didn’t know what was hitting him . And he fell again, when Yamamoto was about to sit up. And both to their surprised, their mouths met in a flash. So surprised, they both quickly broke up the kiss and looked at each other. Their face was all red. Tsuna’s was even redder. They just looked at each other until they heard Gokudera’a voice. Reborn left smirking so devilish.


“What happened? Why are you so red, Juudaime?”


“Uh, nothing, Gokudera-kun. Nothing.” Tsuna said with a smile, still blushing.”A-Anyways, let’s continue our homework. Right, Yamamoto?”



“Ah, yeah, yeah let’s continue then” Yamamoto said, still blushing and look so shocked.



They never knew that incident would bring them closer together.

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02 July 2008 @ 12:45 pm
The title says it all . It's a fic I made

Title : Trial of Love Series ; Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Pairing : 8027 or YamaTsuna
Rating : T
Here's the prologue , enjoy ~~

Trial of Love


Yamamoto, 2nd year at Namimori Junior High School, and a baseball fanatic, is currently in his first love, what more is he fell for his best friend, Tsunayoushi Sawada, Tsuna for short. And now, the said boy is sitting in class, waiting for the bell to ring so he could get out of this boring Math class and get home. Suddenly, he was called by the Math teacher.



“Yamamoto-kun, please answer this problem.” the teacher said.



Yamamoto, who was just letting his soul flies around seconds ago , was very surprised by the call . But he still managed to answer correctly.



“Etou, it’s ….. 2, right?“ Yamamoto said.


“Correct, sit down please” the teacher said.



Then there was the squeal from all the girls in his fan club, and the boys were cheering him. But he didn’t care about that, instead, he just looked at a certain boy, with the brown and somewhat messy hair, who was also cheering him.



“Good job,Y amamoto” Tsuna said.



“Ehehehe, it was just luck, I guess“ he answer while smiling sheepishly , and a little red on the face.



Just then, the bell rang and the Math teacher immediately said.



“All right, this is today homework. Please do it and give it to me on the next class“ he said while putting down a bunch of paper onto the teacher desk .



Not many agreed with the amount of homework, so they started to complained and the noise started to get louder. The teacher just walked away ignored all of them since this is the usual whenever the homework is given.



In the front gate, Tsuna, Yamamoto and Gokudera, were walking out of school. Tsuna said annoyingly.



“Oh great, a bunch of homework again, how am I suppose to do it all? And the next Math class is tomorrow!!“



Gokudera immediately responded. “Don’t worry, Juudaime, I’ll come to your house and we’ll work the homework out together!”



Yamamoto said, smiling happily. “Yeah,that’s right, Tsuna. We’ll come and help you.”



Gokudera, offended by the response, shouted at Yamamoto. “Who said you will come with us, you baseball idiot?”



“Oh come on, the more people the faster we can finish those homework,right Tsuna?” said Yamamoto.



“Eh? Err, um yeah of course!” answered Tsuna.



“Great, let’s go then, shall we?” said Yamamoto with a happy face.



“Yeah” said Tsuna.



“Fine, if that’s what the Juudaime wanted, I’ll let you come with us” said Gokudera with a pissed off face.



And so the three began walking to Tsuna home ….


I also posted this and chap at fanfiction.net , who has an account there could go read and if you read , plese do review . I really appreciate it.
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